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Huali group held a grand 2015 advanced recognition conference

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On the afternoon of April 30, the " 2015 advanced recognition conference of Guangxi huali group" was held in the party group activity room of the group office building. the meeting was presided over by Chen Yong, vice secretary of the group party Committee and chairman of the trade union. Liu Rong, secretary of the group party Committee and president of the group company, and tan ruimin, chairman of the board of supervisors of the group company participated in the meeting.

In the past 2014, the group has experienced the baptism of downward adjustment in the economic environment, but the employees of huali group have always faced problems and difficulties with a positive attitude, actively carried out internal reform, and made a lot of work in terms of technological innovation and income and expenditure savings, and achieved remarkable results. In order to motivate the advanced, establish a typical, and further mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of the majority of employees, according to the spirit of the group's relevant documents, the group selection and recognition activities Committee reviewed and submitted materials and held a review meeting review, reported to the group administrative group meeting research, and in the group post publicity without objection after the formal decision: awarded Krella company deputy minister of quality control Huang jiazhou and other ten comrades " top ten employees" glorious title, awarded three teams such as Hua Li parts company technology department " advanced team" glorious title, awarded the group technology center " a kind of drilling rig chain drive" and Guilin Hua Li heavy industry company " a horizontal directional drilling rod positioning linked with power head

At the recognition conference, chairman tan ruimin of the board of supervisors of the group company read out the recognition decision, and the group leaders issued honorary certificates and prizes for various advanced teams and individual honorary winners. The winning staff and team representatives Zhao hui, Wei Guangming, Yan Dayu and Chen anbang spoke at the meeting respectively, saying that they would continue to carry forward their achievements, take root in huali and make new achievements for the future development of the company!